Caitlin Cook is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Writing her first songs at age six (mostly about cats), Caitlin has since matured (sort of) & moved on to more sophisticated concepts like love, loss, existential nihilism, & how to spot a douchebag. In the last year, she released her her EP Comma & her LP Folly to critical acclaim & has since been touring extensively across North America & Europe, performing at such venues as Webster Hall in NYC, the Meltdown in LA, the Throckmorton in San Francisco, the Hideout in Chicago, the Finsbury in London, the Workman's Club in Dublin, the Hudson in Belfast, the Loft in Reykjavik, & the Comedy Mix in Vancouver. With an effortless soprano & lyrics that expose the absurdity of the human existence (e.g. maybe emojis are just us regressing back to hieroglyphics), Caitlin delights (& occasionally offends) audiences all over the world at festivals, theaters, comedy clubs, concert halls, & many a stranger's living room in a recent series of Sofar Sounds showcases & independent house concertsHer band Frankly Benjamin released their debut EP To Be Frank on April 1, 2017. She is also involved in several collaborative projects, including Little Hermit with Berlin-based singer-songwriter Melody Chebrellan. Little Hermit's debut LP Thanks Mangled Brain was released in September 2016.

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